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The gold pan is one of the most important tools in the search for gold. We will explain a few ways the gold pan can help in the quest to find gold. In nature, there are heavy particles and minerals that will appear at the bottom of your gold pan from the material you add, but the gold is the heaviest thing, some 19 times heavier than the water and even heavier than lead. So the idea is to separate the light material from the heavies by allowing the lighter material to be “sloofed off” the top, general using a circular swirling motion after all the material has first been shaken down, also know as stratification.

Hand Panning

 Classification (sizing of material) is very important to us in many ways, not only can we process more material but it seems that at the end of the day there is more gold in the pan. Classification plays a big role in the recovery of gold. It’s basically taking raw material and screening it through various size screens or down to a fine mesh. Most of the gold we find now days range from 10 to 300 mesh.

Now that you know how important classifying is to help you go through more pay dirt and end up not losing gold. The next step is to figure out what size mesh to classify to


Even now in the 21st century one of my favorite prospecting tools would be the sluice box. I like the sluice box because it can be moved to any part of the creek. I look back and one of my first real productive days I had was when we prospected a creek that had very little moving water and after we channeled all the water to our sluice we were processing a good amount of gold.
There are going to be situations where small-scale miners cannot use dredges or high bankers. This is when it’s time to join the ranks of the old timers and use a sluice box.



A lot more miners of the past would have struck it rich if they had some of the great inventions of present miners. It also makes you wonder what great inventions the future miners will come up with.


One of the small inventions that we have right now is the hand dredge, also known as the bedrock sucker. This small crevice sucker will give the average weekend prospector a way to get down to bedrock and suck up some nice gold. The best thing about the hand dredge is you can make your own; there are a lot of different types of gold suckers to choose from.

Hand Dredging


Our Gear >Medium to larger Gold Recovery

Our Gear >Medium & Larger Gold Recovery

 The word out there is we have only found 5% of the Gold in Alaska, so that means the miners of all those gold rushes from the Turn-again Arm of 1896 to the 1898 Nome Gold Rush left plenty of gold for us to find.
Basically what we want our guest to realize before they get started is if it were easy, everyone would be doing it and all the gold would already be gone. The fact that so much gold is being recovered by small-scale miners today proves it was not easy to find in the first place. Otherwise, the old-timers would have found it all!



If you have always wanted to try out a gold detector but don't feel like spending a bunch of money on something you might not like, here is your chance. While we are out on the creek we will let you use one of our gold bug 2s right along the side of us. We can go step by step to give you the best hands on experience and understanding of how the gold bug 2 works and how each gold detecting tool plays an important roll in helping you hunt out that piece of gold that has been waiting for you to find it.

Metal Detecting Gold

The highbanker can be used in many different ways to help you on your
quest for finding gold. There are going to be days where you might not want get wet or just want to run material above the creek. The high banker is one of the best ways to work old stream beds above the existing creek or stream. Most of these areas hold good gold. The basic high banker has a header box with grizzly screens and powerful spray bars to deal with those areas that have a lot of clay.



A lot more miners of the past would have struck it rich if they had some of the great inventions of present miners. It also makes you wonder what great inventions the future miners will come up with.


In some states like in the Southwest of USA in desert areas, vacs are used in dry conditions to recover gold where there is no water. Some prospectors run electric shop vacs and plug them in to a generator to run them. These can be just as powerful as some of the gas poered vacs, but aren't much quieter.

Vac the Gold