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"The Gold Cube Experience" featuring Mike Pung of Gold Cube LLC. Mike takes you through a series of excellent training videos showing the parts and procedures required to effectively use a Gold Cube and a Gold Banker from start to finish.

Yes, we have enjoyed having Mike Pung & family up here. Mike showed us the best Gold Cube methods and we can share them with you.|Also pictured is Tim Fisher(w/wife) from Eastern Outdoor Adventures TV Show.

Gold Cube in Alaska:

Every year a miner or prospector comes out with a new piece of equipment that they think will find gold faster or better than the prior equipment. Because there are a lot of prospecting companies, that means lot of different types of equipment. I believe there is not one piece of equipment that does it all.

We also build a lot of our own pieces of equipment and small tools to help us move more pay and recover more gold. It isn't that I think my equipment can find more or do a better job than the piece that's out there already. It's like catching a fish on a rod you've built or a fly you've tied. You made it and it worked.

Because our claims have different types of ground such as really tough grey clay pounded into schist bedrock. Since we have decent ground there is two things that we advertise besides taking guests on our daily gold prospecting trips.
First is field testing equipment for other companies, we enjoy testing manufacturer's equipment. We found that letting our guests help do the testing will give us their non-bias likes and dislikes.

Check out our story of Cube vs 2" dredge.

 Also if someone is looking to buy a piece of equipment but doesn't know how to use it and if you would like to learn we can definitely teach you how to use it. We meet them up at claim and then go through the equipment before letting them run it for the day to see if it's going to work for them. If it's something that we sell, we take some of the days charges off the total.
Look at our Cube packages that we are offering right now with a day on the claim. When we got our first basic cube the first thing we did was make portable deep V matting on top of the slick plate. Since we take lots of kids and families, picking gold off the V mat using a sniffer bottle and a pair of bent tweezers really gets them excited to get back to digging. The Cube comes stock in 3 or 4 stages, but 3 stages do the job. (an extra tray can be purchased at any time)

 No matter if we have concentrates from dredging, high banking or even from our trommel, we use the cube to run all our concentrate. When we take guests on our prospecting trips, we start about 8am and end around 3pm, to make sure we can have all the concentrates ran and gold separated and put into vials for the guest to take home. The Cube can keep up with all the cons from all the equipment that we run for the day.

The Cube is great for beginners and families, its light weight around 28 pounds. The whole set can fit in a frater back pack and one person can set up pretty fast, kid friendly and the best part the basic 3 stage is under 400 dollars.

 Once you get the 3 or 4 stage Cube down and you want to move more material faster than you have been. There are two ways to help you to do that. The first add on to the Cube is the Gold Banker; it has a frame that adds onto the Cube frame and has a strong plastic slick plate that has 3 separate nugget catchers. Above that is a 3/16 punch plate. The complete unit is so strong that you can shovel right onto it.

For those that are on heavy clays there are adjustable spray bars.
We use an adjustable 2000 gal bilge pump, the extra water flow will help on clay material.
Since we upgraded to the Gold Banker our guests have doubled the amount of material they are processing and that means more gold at the end of day and that means happy guest. Plus it made for half the work.
Another add on you can do to your Cube is to turn it into a trommel. Where the Cube Trommel works great for us was is on our claims that have a lot rocks and fine gold, it seemed to keep a nice steady flow. Where we found that the trommel really shined was back packing up the mountain where we need to do some testing. The Cube Trommel and a shovel and pan was all we need to do testing.

 Mike Pung, one of the inventors joined us on the claim for a couple days and brought his Gold Banker and his trommel set ups. Not only did Mike drag all equipment all the way to Alaska, but he spent the time showing us his tricks to making the Cube work for us. Mike also showed us how he hooks the circulating tubs up with his Tub Flanges. Some areas we are about 400 feet from the creek. We hauled twelve 5 gallon buckets to where we were working. The circulating tubs worked great. Since we have so much clay, and I like to work in clean water we now have 150 water tanks that are feeding each of our Cube set ups.


Besides rubber gloves, Mike used a 4" x 4" hard brush to work the materials through the punch plate on the Gold Banker, this worked great to break up the material.Thanks Mike Pung for spending the day with our guest and locals showing them to get the most out of their Cubes and showing them the High Banker and the Cube Trommel.



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