The Gold CUBE Vs  2" Dredge

The first year we started using the Gold Cube we did a test between the Cube and the 2" dredge with 4 of our guests in a productive hole that we were getting good color out of. We made some fine gold recovery adjustments to the sluice of the dredge. Since we take a lot of families we drilled two holes on the top slick plate to hold down our V-mat, this allows our guests to get excited using a sucker and tweezers to get the gold before going to the next level of the cube.
(sometimes called "indicator mat) Teaching them how to use the equipment and having fun is our top priority, but we figured on this day we would do a test for us just to see if the cube could hold its' ground with the 2" Proline dredge.

We had a father and his young son on the dredge; they were moving a good amount of material. We knew they would do well because we had worked that hole the day before. Since this was our first time putting the Cube up against the 2" dredge with guest we wanted to make sure we gave them both a fair chance of finding some good color.
Since we hadn't bought the classifier or trommel for the Gold Cube we brought our home made 1 gallon bucket classifier. This bucket classifier has lasted us for three years without failure. So after lining up two five gallon buckets and showing the husband how to use the up and down and spinning motion to classify his pay dirt he was on a roll...



































His wife was having a ball trying to suck up the gold off the keeping up with him after every bucket.
She would clean the top V mat and I would do a quick pan to make sure they were in good gold. Not only were they in good color but at the end of the day when we did a final clean up and panned out and dry their gold I couldn't tell who did better.

Both had some nice fines and some nice pieces. After Layton and I talked that night we realized that because the husband had classified so much material, it led us realize that the cube could handle any amount that our guests could classify.  We plan on doing a lot more testing.

So if you’re thinking about buying a new piece of prospecting equipment and want to try it out before spending the money, or just want to try out a certain piece of equipment for the fun of it give us a call and let's get you out there.