Our Area

Kenai Peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula is a large peninsula south of Anchorage also known as Alaska's Playground. The Kenai Peninsula offers some of the most accessible wilderness adventures in Alaska. Unlike Nome, which requires you to fly in via airplane, our area can be reached by land from the lower 48.

Fisherman  come from all over the world to fish the world famous Kenai River. The Kenai has produced to many records to mention. The one record that brings thousands of fishing guest to the Kenai Peninsula every year to try and break is Les Anderson’s 97 ¼ pound king salmon caught in 1985 on the Kenai River with a rod and reel. Since the Kenai Peninsula is over 80% wilderness it is a prime choice for the guest that are wanting to see or take pictures of our wildlife in their natural habitat.


 Not only do we enjoy showing our guests what Alaska’s fishing has to offer. We also enjoy showing our guests that they can find gold in Alaska, while learning how to use a lot of new 21st Century gold prospecting equipment.


 Because of the TV shows everyone watches, they believe the Klondike as the only great gold rush of Alaska, but history will tell you different. The Sunrise Gold Rush was the second gold rush of 1897 in Alaska. It made a lot of miners famous and also put the Kenai Peninsula in the history books by putting thousands of miners to work since the first claim was staked in 1893.

While driving from Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula you will notice almost every town and creek is named after the miners of the 1896-97 Sunrise Gold Rush. After 30 years Alaska Gold Prospecting has ended up with some great claims on creeks that have already been proven to have good gold.

Tyland and Layton of Alaska Gold Prospecting would like to spend a day on one of our claims, showing you a great time learning mining equipment and having fun finding gold at the same time.